Living Proof Church


United Baptist Church

P.O. Box 115

38 Pompey Hollow Rd

Ashford, CT 06278

(860) 429-2923

Worship Service- 10:15 am              


Adult Sunday School

Each Sunday morning at 9:00am, we meet to study the Word of God, and encourage one another in our faith. This group is open to all adults. If you are dropping your kids off at Children's Sunday school this is a perfect group for you to join!

In our recent public speaking class, each member of the Adult Sunday School class had the opportunity to prepare and share a message. We hope that you will listen to these messages and be encouraged.



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09/23/2012Cyndi Humes 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (ps05-Cyndi.mp3)

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09/30/2012John McCormick Ephesians 1:13 (ps07-John.mp3)

Download ps07-John.mp3
09/23/2012Jen Goodwin Hebrews 4:12 (ps06-Jen.mp3)

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09/30/2012Eileen Geriak John 3:17 (ps10-Eileen.mp3)

Download ps10-Eileen.mp3
09/23/2012Juli Shamback John 3:30 (ps04-Juli.mp3)

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09/30/2012Ashley Murcia Matthew 6:33 (ps11-Ashley.mp3)

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