Beloved Warrior - How To Help

We can always use donations to pay for postage and packing.  Donations can also be used to buy supplies for our Beloved Warriors boxes.  Check should be made out to the United Baptist Church of Ashford with "Beloved Warrior" written in the notation line.


Suggested suppies include:

 - Socks—White Cotton
 - Wet Ones/Wipes—Soft Packs Pop Up Type
 - Hand Sanitizer
 - Clear Eyes, Visine, Eye Drops, etc
 - Sunscreen—High Numbered SPF
 - Soft Pack Tuna, Not Canned—They love it!!
 - Microwave Popcorn—They love it!!
 - Nuts/Dried Fruit
 - Cracker Packs of Any Kind
 - Cookies, Single Serving Size Bags
 - Gumballs, Gum, Bubble Gum, etc
 - Candy, Hard Candies, etc (No Chocolate—It Melts!!!)
 - Granola Bars, Cereal Bars, etc.
 - Single Serve Microwaveable Pasta, Chile, etc
 - Altoids, Tic Tacs, etc
 - Sudoku Puzzles Are a Number One Hit! (Small Size)
 - Word Search/Crossword Puzzle Books (Small Size)
 - Card Games (No Poker)
 - Playing Cards—They Wear Out Rather Quickly
 - Magazines—Sports, Hot Rod, Racing, Fishing, etc
 - DVDs—Ones You’d Watch with Jesus


Donations can be dropped off in the Memorial Room Sundays prior to Worship Services or brought to Palmer Hall (behind the church) weekdays during office hours.

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