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09/18/2019Stacy Pacheco Testimony
Download stacy_testimony_9-14-19.mp3
09/15/2019Patrick McCue Nothing Is Impossible
Download 9-14-19-NothingIsInpossible.mp3
09/08/2019Patrick McCue Go To The Mountain
Quiet Time Matthew 17:1-17
The Mountain is the place where we meet with God and are transformed by his Glory. today we will look at the "Mount of Transfiguration" and see how this transformed the Disciples!
Download 09-07-19-GoToTheMountain.mp3
09/01/2019Patrick McCue Take Up Your Cross
faith Matthew 16:21-28
Matthew 16:21-28 After make the most amazing statement "You are the Christ," as given him by God, he immediately returns to Simon son of Jonah thoughts as he rebukes Jesus for his plan to go to the cross.
Download take_up_your_cross.mp3
08/25/2019Patrick McCue "The Rock" A New Me A New We
Church Matthew 16:13-20
Today we are talking about the birth of the Church! This is the first time Jesus ever mentions it in the Bible and explains what it is and what it is not! He explains who is going to build it and what its purpose is! If the Church has become irrelevant it is because it isn’t what Jesus called it to be because the Church he was going to build would be a prevailing Church!!!
Download 08-25-19-THEROCK.mp3
08/18/2019Patrick McCue Waiting For A Sign
sign Matthew 15:29-16:12
Matthew 15:29-12 In today's passage we see the Pharisees and Sadducees demand a sign out of Jesus. Jesus teaches that the only sign we need is the sign of Jonah. If Jesus never did another miracle in your life, the cross would be enough to believe and give your all to Him!
Download 08-18-19-WaitingForASign.mp3

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