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07/15/2018Patrick McCue Pray Like Jesus Part 6 - Forgive
prayer Matthew 6:12
today we look at the power of being forgiven and the power of forgiving others.
Download 07-15-18-Prayer6-Forgive.mp3
07/08/2018Patrick McCue Pray Like Jesus Part 5 - Our Daily Bread
prayer Matthew 6:11
Today we will learn how to pray for our need, and God's Provision
Download 07-08-18-_prayer_5.mp3
07/01/2018Patrick McCue Pray Like Jesus Part 4 - Your Kingdom Your Will
prayer Matthew 6:10
today Jesus teaches us how to pray God kingdom and will first and how that connects from heaven to earth.
Download 07-01-18-TeachUsToPray-Part4-YourKingdom.mp3
06/24/2018Mike Foster Mike Foster

Download 06-24-18-mikefoster.mp3
06/17/2018Patrick McCue Pray Like Jesus Part 3 - Our Father
prayer Matthew 6
today we learn what it means to pray "Our Father"
Download 06-17-18-PrayLikeJesusPart3.mp3
06/03/2018Patrick McCue Pray Like Jesus Part 2 Secret Prayer
Matthew 6
As Jesus introduces the Lords Prayer in teaching the disicple how to pray he start by teaching them the importance of secret prayer. our challenge today will be to get alone for payer.
Download 06-03-18-PrayLikeJesus-Part02.mp3

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