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05/13/2018Patrick McCue Moms Are The Bombs

today we look at a few reasons Moms are the Bombs!
Download 05-13-18-MomsAreTheBombs.mp3
05/06/2018Patrick McCue Secret Giving
Giving Matthew 6:1-4
How can we give for the right motive, this passage will help us understand.
Download 05-06-18-SecretGiving.mp3
04/29/2018Patrick McCue Dare to Love Part 2
marriage Matthew 5
today we look marriage, adultery, divorce, oath's revenge, and Love
Download 04-29-18-DareToLovePart2.mp3
04/22/2018Patrick McCue Dare To Love Part 1 - Marriage, Adultery, Divorce,
marriage Matthew 5
toady we look at what Jesus said about Marriage, Adultery and Divorce.
Download 04-22-18-MarriageAdulteryDivorce.mp3
04/15/2018Patrick McCue The Bigger Law
Law Matthew 5:17-
Jesus looks at the letter of the law to give a lesson on laws to see the heart of the Law Giver.
Download 04-15-18-TheBiggerLaw.mp3
04/08/2018Patrick McCue Salty and Brighty
salty & bright
Download 04-08-18-SaltyAndBright.mp3

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