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05/19/2019Patrick McCue Hidden Treasure
treasure Matthew 13:44-46
in this parable we look at the cost of the kingdom of heaven and how that treasure far exceeds any other.
Download 05-19-19-hidden_treasure.mp3
05/12/2019Patrick McCue What Being a Son and Dad Taught Me About Being a Mom
Mother's Day
Download 05-12-19-mothers_day.mp3
05/05/2019Nick Ford Nick - Great Commision
great commision Matthew 28
Download 05-05-19-NickFord-GreatCommision.mp3
04/28/2019Linda Adcock Linda Adcock
Download 04-29-19-Linda.mp3
04/21/2019Patrick McCue Lessons from Judas - Regret Isn't Enough

today we are going to look at Judas Easter story and find out that "Regret isn't enough" Just because you have regret doesn't mean you are right with God.
Download 04-21-19-LessonFromJudas.mp3
04/14/2019Dotty Paulhus Dottie Testimony
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