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El Salvador Report 2012

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for your prayers and support which enabled the six of us to spend 10 days serving the Lord in El Salvador.

I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds.” - Psalm 77:12

Praise the Lord, He is good!  What an amazing time we had in El Salvador! God used this trip in so many ways; it is hard to even begin to fathom its impact. God gave us the opportunity to preach the gospel in 10 towns, 8 schools, 3 churches, 2 parks, and even door to door and on the beach. Because of this opportunity, over 500 people professed Jesus as Savior and Lord!  In addition to sharing the gospel we were able to do construction at the camp and it is simply miraculous how much we accomplished.  We were also able to bring encouragement to the missionaries and they encouraged us greatly as well. God certainly touched our lives with a special impartation that has left us changed! We know that you too will receive the blessings of this trip and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being an equal part of this move of God through your financial support, encouragement and prayers. Thank you for being a part of this mission trip, the global church and faithfully living the Great Commission. God Bless you! Pastor Pat

Thank you for your prayers and support which enabled the six of us to spend 10 days serving the Lord in El Salvador.  What an amazing opportunity given to us by God and all of you.  We were able to accomplish a lot at the camp and in the communities of El Salvador. As a country, we are very blessed.  Our poor are not poor compared to the people of El Salvador yet they went out of their way to welcome us and took great care in making sure we had the comforts of home.  The kindness they showed towards our group was inspiring.  I look forward to going back soon.  Please keep the camp, the staff, Linda and the country in your prayers. His Servant, Jennifer

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who made this trip possible for me. El Salvador is a land of much beauty. Majestic mountains amble their way to the mighty Pacific Ocean. With every turn of the head, my eyes absorbed God’s greatness. As if His blessing of the landscape wasn’t enough, He also placed some of the most caring, grateful, and joyful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in that country. There were children more than eager to hear the Gospel, giving me their full attention as I stumbled along, praying to make a difference in their lives. What I found is that I received much more than I could ever have given them. Love, kindness, gratitude have a different meaning to me now. Jesus Christ, our Savior, is the most important universal language. –Eric

I want to personally thank everyone who prayed and gave financially toward this mission. You were a part of this trip just as much as anyone who went on the trip. The mission was to make progress at the Word of Life Summer Camp in El Salvador, and to preach the Gospel to the people of El Salvador. Because God’s hand was in this mission, it succeeded. The ceiling in a large building was completed, painting an entire house (inside and out) was completed and two staff rooms along with a few other rooms were completed. If this weren’t enough, more than 2,000 people heard the Gospel during this mission. I praise God for the miracles that went on during this mission and thank God for each one of your lives.


My gratitude for the support and opportunity to go on this mission trip cannot be fully expressed in words. The amount of spiritual growth I experienced will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God and you, the Church, had a great part in that. I experienced the power of the Gospel and how hearing the Gospel can change someone’s life. I also witnessed God’s hand working in our group and His Sovereignty guiding our path. It was a great blessing to meet the missionaries of El Salvador who are passionate and dedicated people of the Lord. They are an inspiration to me and remain in my thoughts and prayers. This trip was a huge success and UBC was represented with honor and dignity. –Luis

The Lord used our time in El Salvador to remind me once again that there is no other thing that I would rather spend my life doing than sharing His truth and love with all people.  The fact that the Gospel was shared with over 2,000 people in one week is amazing, but for me, the times I treasure most are the personal times when the Lord bonded my soul with someone I had never met. The Lord allowed me to be the face of His love for a few of the children of El Salvador and for that, I am forever grateful. Thank you all for your love, support and prayers that enabled us to go and perpetuate the Kingdom of God in El Salvador. May God bless you and please, continue to support and pray for missions around the world. –Ashley